PLASTERM is a dynamically evolving company present and active in the field of plastic pipes, plastic tanks and special objects since 1977.

More specifically, in our modern facilities in Naoussa we produce:

Plastic olive tanks for processing and storage of edible olives

Plastic water & oil tanks in different sizes and shapes

Large volume tanks up to 40.000 lt

Food barrel  20lt - 220lt

Spray tanks

Collector For Demolition Materials

Irrigation pipes

Olive containers

Grape containers

Multipurpose plastic box (cage)

Arborist cordon - palmeta

Flexible pipes of various uses

Special items on request


PLASTERM could undoubtedly be placed first in its sector, in terms of development plans and history.

We have evolved by taking slow but steady steps over the years. On the one hand, we have focused our activities on the quality of our products manufactured and available exclusively in the Greek market, and on the other hand, on the exemplary organization of our company's operation, to achieve the perfect quality services and cooperation with our customers.

Our products meet the highest quality standards and go with the most competitive prices in the market. This fact puts our company in the first positions of preference in our sector.


PLASTERM complies with the above quality standards according to the Quality Assurance Systems through its organization, and meets the international standards ISO 9001:2015. The regular inspection of the food industry tanks, by the State General Chemistry Department, guarantees their excellent quality.

This fact is proved by the number of our customers, those who have trusted us. The company is in the forefront of evolution and development concerning pipe and tank systems, taking advantage of the entrepreneurs’ knowledge and expertise, Mr. Stefanos Tzouvaras and Mr. Christos Tzouvaras who are accompanied by experienced market executives for the best, most complete and most economical service for their customers.

The confidence of the experts in the products of our company, constitutes our company obliged to continue its history for our new customers, too. We will always have as our trademark the quality, the most competitive prices and the excellent cooperation.